Get Maximum Sixes in Ludo Star

From several weeks Ludo Star is trending in Play Store. The reason is quite obvious it has given friends a way to refresh their old memories. Playing Ludo with your friends in a digital way. That ends the need for sitting face to face playing the game on cardboard. So with an internet connection, people are playing the game and loving it. It has set great records for downloads getting 28000 downloads per day. So as everyone wants to get a six in Ludo as it is the maximum score so people have started digging for loopholes in games to get sixes. Many of them have found too. So in I would be telling you the easiest trick to get maximum sixes in Ludo Star.

How to get Sixes every time in Ludo Star

  • So once it’s your turn keep your fingers alive.
  • You are given the time of some seconds as the clock completes one circle your time is over.
  • So all you need to do is tap on dice when the clock is at the angle shown below.

    ludo Star Max Sixes
  • Or simply watch the video given below


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