Student Expelled For Hacking School Computer

Student Expelled For Hacking School Computer and Changing Grades

Many times like every other student you might have thought about changing grades. A similar incident took place at Kansas University (KU) where a student changed his grades by logging into schools systems.

He changed his grades from F to A. He was successfully able to change his grades although his greed caught him. As he has changed his grades from F to A that made teachers fell in a doubt. Investigations revealed that student has used a keylogger to change his grades.

Keylogger has been purchased by students from the internet and was worth 20$. He installed the keylogger on one of the systems in school that paved his path to access Administrator PCs.

Professors of the university said that hack was only identified because student became too greedy with his grades. The hack was also attempted last spring though it was not identified at that time.

University has reported this incident to local police so that none of other students try such attempt again. While without disclosing the name of the student who attempted the attack he has been expelled from the institute.


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