Vibration in a phone is one of the most useful thing to provide notifications. As you are reading this article so probably your device is not vibrating?  Well the two obvious reasons for your Samsung phone not vibrating are software or hardware issue. So in this article we will be discussing both and help you find a suitable solution.

Solve Any Samsung Phone Not Vibrating Issue


To find out your phone vibrator is working fine we have to run some tests. All you need to do is to go to your dialing pad. In dial pad enter the code *#7353# or *#0*#. In case the code is not working you can download z device test App. You will get a list of features similar to the one shown below. Test for vibration if your phone vibrates then it has a software issue. If there is no vibration that means your vibrator motor is not working fine. In that case you will have to get your phone repaired from a shop.


If above test confirms that your phone vibrator is working fine then definitely the problem is with the software part. If your phone vibrates but intensity is too low then you need to follow these steps.

Go to your device Settings-> Vibration / Sound and Vibration -> Vibration Intensity.

Increase your Vibration Intensity to maximum level. In some devices you may not find Vibration Intensity they would be having Vibration Pattern. Change the pattern to find out which suits you the best.

Still your Samsung Phone Not Vibrating?

Try to check your phone after a reboot. A Factory reset might be helpful as well. Though make sure you have created a backup before you reset your phone.

Try above explained methods and do share with us which of them worked for you.



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