Nokia 8 since its release has had some minor issues, most notably the Microphone problem. Another one that people are facing nowadays is with the onscreen call button. The call button needs to be swiped upwards to pick up an incoming call and in trying to do so, the button comes back down and takes a few attempts. This is also the case when trying to swipe right to dismiss notifications. But the issue of not being able to receive calls without a couple attempts is just more critical. So in this article, we will share some ways to help you to overcome this issue.

Use any 3rd party dialer application from Play Store

There are many 3rd party dialer applications on Google Play Store that can be installed free of cost. After giving the permission to manage phone calls and to access contacts, set the newly installed dialer application to default Dialer app and that should solve the issue with receiving calls on your Nokia 8 smartphone.

Reverting back to stable Android 8.0 Oreo

This issue appeared after Nokia 8 smartphones got a software update to Android version 8.1. Reverting back to the more stable Android 8.0 Oreo should put an end to both the issues we talked about in this article.

Hopefully, the solutions mentioned above will help you in enjoying your Nokia 8 smartphone once again.


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