The Nokia 5 smartphone is a budget phone running vanilla Android to give the purest Android experience. It provides great features and a very stylish look at a very affordable price. Though users have faced some issue with the phone’s touchscreen as it has been laggy in some instances or even unresponsive. To help solve this issue, we will provide you with 2 ways to hopefully put an end to the laggy screens on your Nokia 5 devices.

Run in safe mode

Running the device in safe mode disables all third-party applications that you have installed. To run the phone in safe mode:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your device until a prompt appears asking you to Power Off the device.
  2. Now press and hold the option to Power Off the device till another prompt appears asking you to reboot your phone in safe mode.
  3. Press Ok and wait until your device restarts. After doing so, it will show a little text at the bottom left of the screen saying “Safe mode”.

Now if your phone’s screen doesn’t lag, it means that a third party application is causing that issue. In this case, you’re required to delete the third party applications or at least the one causing the screen lag.

To return to normal mode, simply press and hold the power button until the prompt appears asking you to Power Off or Restart the device. Just select Restart and press Ok on the next screen asking for confirmation to Restart. Now, the phone should be back in normal mode.

Factory data reset

Factory data reset allows the device to be restored to the factory state by deleting all data saved on that device. Try this method if running the device in safe mode fails to solve the issue with the screen.

Hopefully, these 2 methods will resolve the problem with your Nokia 5 device screen.


How to solve Nokia 5 touchscreen lag issue
Article Name
How to solve Nokia 5 touchscreen lag issue
Nokia 5 lag issue solution



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