A phones battery is the most vital thing for anyone. If it’s not working well it surely is a sign of trouble. Nokia 3 is a mid range smartphone by Nokia. It has 2650 mAh battery. Which serves to glow it’s 5.0 inched display. If you are using Nokia 3 you might be facing Nokia 3 not charging 100% issue. So in this article we will guide you step by step to get rid of the issue.

Solve Nokia 3 not charging 100% issue

It does not matters if your phone stops charging at 50% or 70% or at any percentage. The guide is same for all just follow the steps as described below.

There is a good new for you! as the issue in neither with your battery nor with charging. It actually is a software issue. So even if your phone is 100% charged it will be showing stuck at wrong percentage.

  1. Turn off your phone now press and hold Volume Up + Power Button unless you are in recovery mode
  2. Once you are in the recovery mode use volume keys to scroll and select
  3. Select Wipe cache partition as shown below
  4. Now just restart your phone
  5. Hopefully it will show 100% once it’s charged completely.

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  1. my issue is that when i am using my nokia 3 like apps whatsapp facebook it does not charge my device when i conncet the charger but meanwhile i turned off my deive it shows charging. is there any solution?

    • Nokia 3 is reportedly having issue that it is charging but not indicating that it is charging. As we have explained in this article so might be your phone is having same issue its charging but not indicating that its being charged. You should crosscheck to verify if issue persists we highly recommend to visit nearest repair center.


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