Samsung Gives out 200 Galaxy Note 8 to all Passengers on Plane For Free

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a huge unexpected gift. Although something similar to this happened with the passenger on the late night flight from La Coruña to Madrid.

Samsung had to face serious downfall because of Note 7. As incidents of Note 7 catching fire were reported last year. After which sales of Note 7 were ended all devices were refunded. There were opinions that Samsung might lose many of their customers.

As Samsung has launched Note 8 they decided to give a message by giving a Free Note 8 to all passengers of the plane. Giving out a message that it is safe to carry on the plane.

There were two hundred passengers on board all of them got a free Note 8. While devices were having the following text written on them.

A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board

So Samsung is trying to prove that they are still the best. They care about their customers a lot. Let’s see what next hopefully like me you would be dreaming to be on such a plane :).


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