A few months ago a news had come to the surface that Facebook is trying to make platform secure for females. The good news is that Facebook has finally introduced Profile Picture Guard. It helps you protect your Profile Picture from being downloaded.

It will help Facebook to remove insecurity of people especially females. To learn how you can use Facebook Profile Picture Guard follow the guide below.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

To use the guard all you need is to follow steps described below.

  • Open your current Profile Picture
  • On the bottom, you will find options
  • Click on options and then click on turn on Profile Picture Guard.
  • You are all done.

Repeating the same steps you can remove the guard as well. The Guard is quite helpful and it prevents your picture from being downloaded.So if you have turned on the Guard one can see your picture though cannot download it. If you have set your profile picture only visible to your friends. One can not even open your picture. Only a thumbnail would be visible to that person.

So it is for sure a great feature towards making the biggest social media platform secure. Hopefully, we will see more like this in future. Share your reviews about the feature in the section below.


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