When a new phone comes in your hands it comes with many restrictions. There are many Apps that are eating your storage. You do not use them though you can’t even delete them.

Thinking about breaking these restrictions?? You need to root phone!!

Rooting a phone is not an easy process as companies try their best to keep their user away from rooting their phones. The reason why companies try to stop users from rooting phones is that phones become less secure.

Though if you are willing to take this risk there are a lot of good things waiting for you as well. Like you can delete all those Apps which are built in and eating your storage and you don’t even use them.

Let’s roll back to a few years ago. Consider you are using an old Samsung’s Galaxy Android. Which is running on Kit Kat and you want and there is no official upgrade to your phone. Yet you want to try Nougat on your Phone. Then you can root your phone break restrictions and can manually install Nougat on your phone.

So, with cons rooting a phone has pros as well.

Root Any Phone With Poot APK

Rooting a phone was damn a tough process. Though it is no more a tough one as Poot APK let us do the job with few taps.

  • You can download Poot APK from anywhere or simply click here
  • As it is a third party App so you will have to allow it to be installed on your Android by giving permissions
  • Once App is installed it will ask you to Download Ministro II from PlayStore.
  • Download Ministro II and install it
  • You would be required to upgrade your library do not worry it is normal process
  • After upgrading you will get an option to root your phone tap on it

You are all done. Enjoy your android without restrictions imposed by your manufacturer. For any query feel free to comment in the section below.


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