WhatsApp Undo Messages
WhatsApp Undo Messages

How many time using WhatsApp or any other messenger you have sent a wrong message. It actually makes us feel embarrassed. WhatsApp is one of the most used messengers around the world. Great news for its users is that it has a rolled out an update that will allow you to delete messages you have sent.

The update has been confirmed officially and WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page as well to explain how this feature will actually work. Though one would be only able to delete a sent message within 7 minutes. After that, it cannot be deleted.

To delete a message you will have to tap on the message and delete it. On receivers, phone deletion message will be shown.

The good thing is that you can even delete your message even if the receiver has read your message. So it gives a taste of secret messages as well. Where one can send a message and delete is soon it is received.

This feature was one of the much-needed features which have been rolled out. Though it might take a few days or weeks for all users around the world to receive the update.


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