We are almost a month away from the biggest event of Mobile World. Barcelona is all set to stage MWC 18. After the downfall of Nokia. MWC 17 was the moment of rebirth for them. 2017 was an average year for Nokia. So the world is expecting something big this year. It has been confirmed that Nokia 9 would be launched at MWC 18.

Nokia 9 to be Launched at 25th February

Nokia 9 is expected to be the next Flagship device from Nokia. 2018 version of Nokia 6 would be joining the stage as well. A low range smartphone named as Nokia 1 would be unveiled on the event.

The launch date for the next flagship is quite interesting. As the Android Giant Samsung would be unveiling S9 on the the same day. So two of the biggest names from mobile world would be head to head. It could be a great opportunity for Nokia to takeover Samsung.

If we look at the price trends of previous smartphones from both companies. S9 would be definitely more costly than Nokia 9. So if Nokia can put something great as a Flagship with less price. It could be a major turnover.



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