Radio the word might seems to be an old technology. Still, its one of the features every phone expects for sure. While HMD Global is trying to do some magic with Nokia. It seems like vanishing Radio from their Flagship was also one of their magic spells. Nokia 8 has no Radio App.

Considering the fact the phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Which not only is powerful processor but for sure supports this basic feature. Still HMD Global seems to be forgotten adding this feature. Their customers are asking for an update with a Radio App on a different forum. But from the day they have relaunched, there are hardly a few times where customers feedback got a response.

Sorry, Nokia! but for sure this mistake needs an update for customers who are paying for their internet data just to get radio on phone.

As you are reading this article for sure you would be missing your radio App as well. Although only thing we can recommend you is to wait for the update. Else you can use radio at the expense of your internet. For that, you can download any of the following Apps.

Nokia 8 Radio Apps

Radio FM
Radio FM
Developer: RadioFM
Price: Free
  • Radio FM Screenshot
  • Radio FM Screenshot
  • Radio FM Screenshot

Surely they will cost you internet but hopefully they will help you get rid of Nokia 8 Radio issue.


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