Nokia 6 smartphone is facing problems with the music player right after the Oreo Update. The music player stops playing and closes after an hour of the screen being asleep or inactive. Most of the smartphone users commonly use Music Apps. So, none of the companies can neglect this huge chain of users. So to help you in solving this issue with your Nokia 6 device, we have some solutions below to make playing music enjoyable and bug-free for long hours on your device.

Check whether the Application killer is causing the music player to close

Nokia has an application killer that automatically terminates any processes of applications that are not used for a long time. It closes those applications from recent apps after some time to clear background processes. Reduces the burden on the processor, hence increasing the overall performance of the device. This could be very helpful in most instances but can also cause issues if it terminates applications due to inactivity of the device. Such could be the case here so check if the application killer is terminating the music player due to screen inactivity as this could be a reason for the music player to stop working.

Use Wake Lock Power Manager application from Play Store

This App can be used to wake up the screen after e.g. every 30 mins of inactivity. This will prevent the screen from reaching the 1-hour inactivity time that causes the music player application to close. You can download this application from the link given below:

Hopefully, after trying out the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy music non-stop on your Nokia 6 device once again.


  1. Hi Ali Usman,

    thx for this! But which “Application Killer” do you mean? Is there an app? a (background-)service? what is it?

    I’m facing the same issue on my TA-1033. I’ve no “Killer”-App found! Surfing the web brought the information about a battery saving thing into light. But this is not a special Nokia thing, it’s a new Android feature from Google to improve the user experience. It’s the “background activity manager” of the battery manager that kill all apps after 30 mins. Only Oreo compliant apps have the settings to tell this “Killer” to ignore them.

    So i think this wake lock app is removing the symptom, but not the cause.

    Best regards from Austria

    • Indeed you are right… This is only a temporary solution to keep your music player alive… Hopefully, Nokia fixes this one through official update soon.


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