Mid range is the most competitive market when it comes to smartphones. When Nokia announced to made a comeback they decided to start with the same range. Their devices have been applauded and criticized at the same time. Just a week ago Nokia has started shipping Nokia 6.1 Plus or Nokia X6. People who have received the smartphone are complaining about overheating issue. So in this article, we will guide you how you can Solve Nokia 6.1 Plus Overheating issue.

Nokia 6.1 Plus All Issues With Solution

Just before we dig down to the solution, we would like to let you know that overheating is normal in a mid range phone. As they are designed to provide high specifications with the low cost so a fair amount of heat is common in mid-range. But if your phone is heating too much like reported for Nokia 6.1 Plus or Nokia X6 it surely is an issue. Here is what one of the Nokia 6 Plus customers said about the heating issue.

So, let’s move towards the solution.

How to Solve Nokia 6.1 Plus Overheating Issue

Factory Reset

If you are not able to solve the issue using above described method then it would be a good approach to do a Factory Reset. Make sure you take a backup before you reset your phone. This will help you avoid any hardware failure caused by the behavior of phone.

Once you have reset your phone wait for the next stable update before you update your phone. Do not worry Nokia is sending out updates to it’s users soon as possible.

Wipe out the Smartphone Cache Data

So, turn off your phone. Then press and hold the power button and volume down key of your Nokia 6.1 Plus or Nokia X6. Press it till your in the options list. Now use volume keys to scroll and select. Select Wipe cache partition. This will not delete any of your personal data. Now restart your phone hopefully it will work fine.

Delete any 3rd party Apps installed

Third Party Apps have been found as a culprit most of the time. As 3rd Party Apps usually are stealing your CPU usage secretly. Even if your phone is at rest. So we will advise you to delete all 3rd party Apps you have installed.

If still the issue persists then we will advise you to visit your nearest repair center.


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