Nokia 6.1 Plus or X6 shipments have started from 1st of September. Almost every customer who had preordered Nokia 6.1 Plus has received their package. Nokia 6.1 Plus bought some upgrades to its predecessor. Where users are loving the new smartphone. Many are complaining and all due to many reasons. Users have reported numerous Nokia 6.1 Plus issues. So, we have listed down the most prominent Nokia 6.1 Plus issues reported by users along with their possible solutions.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Issues With Solutions

Below are the different Nokia 6.1 Plus issues and the guide to fix it out.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Battery Percentage

If you are not using the smartphone for the first time one thing you must be used to with would be the battery percentage. It keeps you alert and you can charge the smartphone before time just by having a look at the percentage. Nokia by default has turned the percentage off for users. Thus users are finding it difficult to turn on Nokia 6.1 Plus battery percentage. Here is the simple fix to it.

Go to Settings-> Battery-> Battery Percentage.

Here you can easily turn on the Battery Percentage for your Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Nokia 6.1 Plus SIM Signals Overlapping

Nokia 6.1 Plus allows you to use multiple SIMs at a time. Once both SIMs are inserted networks signals strength is displayed in the top bar. If you are using to SIMs, both of them would be displaying strength separately on the top. But in Nokia 6.1 Plus users have been reporting that signal strengths are being displayed but they are overlapping each other. Which make it appear bad as well as makes it difficult to read signal strength. So how you can fix it?

Surely the permanent fix will be with an update from Nokia and do not be worried Nokia is quick with the updates. But if you want a quick fix, there are several great launchers available in PlayStore you can download and install a launcher and this will fix the issue for the moment.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot

How to turn On Face Unlock on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with a feature of Face Unlock and which works quite well. So how you are going to turn on Nokia 6.1 Plus Face Unlock Feature? Well, that’s pretty simple.

  • Just go to Settings -> Security & Location -> Smart Lock
  • Enter your pin/pattern/password
  • Follow the next instructions and you would be required to set up the Face ID.
  • You can remove the ID and add a new one as well

Nokia 6.1 Plus Over Heating and Lagging

A common issue being reported on many smartphones and so is for the Nokia 6.1 Plus. But some users reported that it’s heating too much and they have measured it nearly 47-48 degrees which surely is an alarming situation. If you are facing such a situation and your Nokia 6.1 Plus is Over Heating or it is Lagging follow the guide as below.

  • Close All Background Apps

Clear your phones running Apps in the background. It will increase the RAM’s speed and capacity. Which will reduce overheat and lag issue.

  • Restart Your Phone

Background Apps are one of the major reasons for processor usage. They can heat your smartphone quite considerably. At the same time, CPU usage can reduce the ability of your phone to perform fastly which can result in Lag. So Restart your phone and analyze whether the issue persists?

  • Wipe Out Phone’s Cache

At times when all Apps are closed still the cache is not cleared which can cause your phone lag and can cause other issues. So it’s a best practice to Wipe Out Nokia 6.1 Plus Cache. To wipe out cache all you need is to follow these steps.

  1. Turn Off your phone
  2. Press and Hold Power and Volume Down Key
  3. Release the Power Key when you see a menu
  4. Use Volume keys to swipe in the menu and select Clear Cache Partition

  • Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions seems to be working for you then you can try it as a last attempt for a savage. Make sure you have a backup before you do. You can reset your phone from the settings menu in the backup and restore section.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Camera Issue

If we talk about the camera on the paper. It surely has got some decent specifications. We will not say they are the best but they are not the worst. So why does the camera is giving no performance? Well, surely it is a software issue. We tested the camera with other Apps it gave out some great results.

So, as a permanent fix, we would be waiting for Nokia to send out an update while if your are looking for a quick fix. We would recommend using 3rd Party Apps from PlayStore.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Battery Draining Out Fast

Nokia 6.1 is a midrange phone which comes with a decent battery. In case you are accessive user of the phone you may be needed to charge battery several times. Users have reported that battery performance is poor with Nokia 6.1 Plus and it drains fast. Well, thanks to the Nokia developers they have added a feature to optimize your battery usage. All you need to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Battery from the menu
  • Turn on Battery Activity Manager

This will help you optimize the usage of battery and will give more battery usage to you.

If you got any other Nokia 6.1 Plus issues, feel free to ask in the section below.




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