Nokia 6.1 shipments have just begun. Customers are glad to receive their smartphones. While some of them are reporting errors as well. Making them disappointed. One of the users reported that the phone is allowing to auto-rotate. While auto rotate is being turned on. Which has left the user with only one mode of the screen. If you are facing Nokia 6.1 Plus Auto Rotation not working issue then you are at the right place. As we will be guiding you to fix Nokia 6.1 Plus Auto Rotation not working issue.

So with that being said let’s get started.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Auto Rotation not working solution

As Nokia has just started shipments for the phone a few days ago and people have just received it. So before we reach a solution lets break it down. Here are the few things you can do to cross check whether its a software or a hardware failure.

Reboot You Phone

Rebooting your phone will close all your application at it at times is a fruitful thing when it comes to Android OS. So as a first step we would recommend you to reboot your phone. If the issue persists then jump down to the solution below.

Use a 3rd Part App

One can never ignore a software failure. Luckily we got some great application on the PlayStore that can allow us to rotate the screen. It won’t be very much convenient especially when we compare it with the prebuilt feature. So you can download the App below or can download any other App to rotate your screen.

Ultimate Rotation Control
Ultimate Rotation Control
Developer: FaMe IT
Price: Free
  • Ultimate Rotation Control Screenshot
  • Ultimate Rotation Control Screenshot

Hardware Failure

If none of the above solutions works for you then we can predict that it is the faulty accelerometer of your phone. So to fix the issue you would require a hardware fix. The good thing is that all Nokia 6 plus smartphones around the world at the moment are under warranty. So you can visit your nearest repair centre for the fix.




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