Nokia 3 was launched in 2017, really helped regain position in market. The phone has a 5 inches display. Comes with Nougat in the box. While it is expected to get Oreo Update soon. If you are have bought a Nokia 3 for yourself you might be facing Nokia 3 dead after low battery problem. So, in the article we will tell you how to solve Nokia 3 not turning on problem.

Nokia 3 dead after low battery solved

The problem is quite simple so is it’s solution. Though it might look to much frustrating to you. Smartphones manufacturers are trying to make smartphones to give out maximum battery usage. We have seen quite a similar issue in other smartphone including high end smartphones of Samsung as well. Once the phone battery reaches zero. It becomes dead.

Even if you try to plug a charger still it will not work neither it starts charging. There is a simple fix to the problem. Though just before trying the solution we would like to inform you that try the hack at your own risk. As this might affect your battery as well.

Simple Trick

Simply pick up your charger and see the Amperes it is using to charge your phone. Now try to find out a charger which uses less Ampere then your charger. Which will eventually charge your phone more slowly. Simply use the slow charger and leave your phone for a couple of minute. Then turn on your Nokia 3 hopefully it will be working fine.

So that’s how you can solve Nokia 3 dead after low battery issue. Do share in the section below did the trick worked for you or not?



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