From the day Nokia had been relaunched HMD is trying hard for rebirth of brand. People are expecting something huge from Nokia. Seems like Nokia finally is ready for something big. As rumors suggest that Nokia 10 would be having a Penta-lens camera with a flash.

Nokia 10 with a Penta-lens Camera

Nokia is well-known for their best phone cameras over a long time. Since it is a new era for Nokia and they are not at the top. So, it seems quite obvious that they are trying to avoid their mistakes and trying to bring back their successful streak.

Recently a leak was published on a Chinese website Baidu. Which shows that Nokia might be looking to include their quality camera features in Nokia 10. As the phone would be having a 5 lens camera. This would be a handy addition for camera lovers.

Nokia 10 Other Expected Features

It is expected to have a display of 18:9 and inside the hood it would be powered by a powerful Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core Processor.

Nokia 10 Expected Launch Date

Nokia 10 is expected to be a high end device from Nokia. We might get to see the device in the third or fourth quarter of the year. As Nokia would be unveiling Nokia 9 and Nokia 1 next month at MWC.

Nokia 9 would be competing Samsung S9 at MWC

So right now it is quite difficult to tell about when it would be available.

Nokia 10 is expected to have Penta Lens Camera
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Nokia 10 is expected to have Penta Lens Camera
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