We are in 2018 and Nokia 9 is expected to be launched soon. Considering the Fact that Nokia 8 and 9 have represented Nokia as their flagships. It is very much expected that the flagship of 2019 would be Nokia 10. Indeed you are right! We are talking about the flagship for the next year. So here are the expected specifications for Nokia 10 which would be the flagship for 2019.

Screen Size

The flagship is expected to be having a large display. Pretty much expected that it would be having a 6 inches Amoled Display. If we talk about the appearance we can easily predict that it would be having a bezel less display which is becoming very common in 2018.


Nokia 10 is expected to be having a Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood. Which in fact is the most advanced processor used in smartphones up to the date. 


Nokia 10 would be having a 6 GB of RAM with an internal storage of 128 GB extendable up to 256 GB. 


The phone is expected to have a dual camera on the back that would be powered by AI which allows the user to capture images with modern effects. The lens would be 16+8 MP on the back while it will be having a single camera on the front. That would be 8 MP.


The flagship would be powered by 4400 mAH non removable battery.

Launch Date and Price

The phone would be launched in a price range of around 650$ and is expected to be on the desk by the mid of 2019. 

So these are our predictions about what Nokia is might be doing with their flagship in 2019. We will keep you updated with more as the details will be revealed with time. Tell us about your predictions in the section below. 


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