Infinix is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and serves their customers with midrange phone. Even their flagship phone is a midrange phone. They mainly aim at providing high specs at low prices. They have their own XOS for their smartphones. At times in Infinix smartphones, Recent Apps are Not Closing. So in this article, we will help you solve Infinix Recent Apps Not Closing Issue.

With that being said let’s get started.

How to Solve Infinix Recent Apps Not Closing Issue

The issue seems to be quite complex but actually solution lies in a single tap.

  • Go to your Infinix Smartphone Recent Apps
  • On the top of the App you will see a lock
  • For some Apps that lock would be open and for some it would be closed
  • All those Apps with closed lock would not be cleaned from recent Apps even if you try to remove them from there
  • So just tap on the lock and unlock it now clear all your recent Apps
  • That’s it those Apps that were not closing previously would be closed now

Hopefully, this helps you close recent Apps. For more follow us on our social media pages.


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