Android Oreo is on its way to many of the smartphones. Many users are waiting for the update. Hopefully by the end of February most of the companies would be done with Oreo Update. As updates are being received phones are showing up some problems as well. If you are an HTC U11 user. You might be facing HTC U11 no vibration issue. Just After Oreo update.

So in this article we will guide you how to get rid of HTC U11 no vibration issue. So with that being said let’s get started.

HTC U11 no vibration Solution

First of all you should install z device test App. Once you have installed the App just run the vibration test. If it is not working fine you are having an issue with your hardware. So visit your nearest repair center.

Turn off Power Saver Mode

If your phone was vibrating before Oreo Update. Also it has passed the vibration test. Then for sure your HTC U11 is on the power saver mode. Just go to your settings and turn off the power saver mode. As the phone does not vibrates in Power Saving Mode.

Hopefully this will help you solve your HTC U11 no vibration problem. For more updates follow us on our social media pages and do share your valuable feedback in the section below.


  1. Thanks, it helped me a lot 🙂 My phone was on power save mode, I was just about to send it to repair centre ! Thank you !


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