All of us know Nokia and for a long time. Many of us have been using Nokia from its peak Era. Remember the legendary Nokia 3310, moving to Windows Phones and now the Smartphones powered by Android. One thing that has been consistent in all of them is their power on tune and the two hands on the start.

No matter whichever device you might be using if its Nokia you will find these two things for sure. Well, the way I have explained you this story you can judge that I love the startup or Nokia power on Sound. But there are users that get annoyed of this sound. So they need to turn it off. Well, not all of the devices have an option to turn off the startup sound. So we got a fix for all the users who want to turn off Nokia Power On Sound.

All you need is to download a simple Application from the Play Store. You can download it by clicking below.

Silent Boot
Silent Boot
Developer: Anton Weber
Price: Free
  • Silent Boot Screenshot
  • Silent Boot Screenshot

Once the silent boot Application is installed you can turn on silent boot in the menu like shown below.

So with Silent Boot Application, you can turn off the phone booting sound even the option is not available. Were you able to mute the power on sound on your Nokia with silent boot App? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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