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After the success of Nokia 7, its 2018 variant has been launched. The Phone similar to other devices has got additions in specifications and the price climbs as well. The phone was using 6GB of RAM in 2017 variant while in 2018 it has been reduced to 4GB. Considering the fact that with other phones Nokia had made sure that users are getting great performance by optimizing their devices. Seems failed to deliver with Nokia 7 Plus. As Nokia is facing some serious criticism due to Nokia 7 Plus lag issue. Most of the user as bashing at Nokia for giving out a phone that lags every second.

The Official Forum of Nokia, as well as other popular forums, are reflecting the same picture. It is expected that Nokia will try to fix out the issue by giving out an update for Nokia 7 Plus users facing Lag issues. There could be many reasons behind this lag for e.g. low on memory space, widgets running all the time, apps running in the background etc. Let’s look at the solutions that can solve Nokia 7 Plus lag issue.

Free up memory space

Uninstall all extra applications on your device that you don’t need. This will free up your internal storage on the device and help enhance the performance of the device. Check the storage left in the device through Storage inside Settings section.

You can uninstall extra applications by selecting an individual application and uninstalling it from there. Space can also be freed by deleting files from your local storage which would be collecting and saturating memory over time.

Lastly, clearing cache is another way to free up space. Cache is memory space used by applications to speed up the process but with time, this occupies a lot of the memory. To free cache up, press on Clear Cache of an individual application. Also, you can clear all cached memory by going to Settings and Storage from there and then click on Cached Data.

Disable widgets

Widgets are helpful and provide convenience, but also taking up phones resources. Its preferred to not use widgets or disable any extra widgets that you don’t need. This should speed up your phone’s performance.

Free RAM and close down apps

Applications running in background occupy a lot of the resources of the device and drastically slowing down the device. You are advised to close any background application not being used by swiping it away from your recent applications list.

Restart your device

Restarting the device is a simple solution to the phone lag issue. This clears out all cache and terminates any tasks running in the background hence ensuring that the device runs smoothly after the restart.

We hope that the solutions mentioned above will solve Nokia 7 Plus lag issue.


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