Google Images is one of the most used ways to hunt for images over the internet. Recently an update has been done to Image Search from Google. Which has ended the availability of View Image option. So in this article, we will show you how to restore Google View Image Option in Google Images.

Restore Google View Image Option

Google wants you to visit a the website which hosts those images. From there you can download those images. As it would be helping those websites to generate revenue. Which sure is a good step from Google. To empower it’s publishers.

Although for any reason if you want to restore View Image Option. You would be required to add a simple browser extension. The extension has been developed for two of the leading web browsers. Google Chrome as well as FireFox.

For FireFox click here to download

For Google Chrome click here to download

Simple download this extension and Install it go and search for the images you will again get the Veiw Image Option. That’s all for now. For more follow TheTechz on our social media pages. If you liked the article do share it with others as well.


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