Ever since Nokia has relaunched with smartphone series developed by HMD global. They are facing some good response as well as some serious criticism. A video of Nokia 6 breaking walnuts became very viral. Claiming that newly designed smartphones are continuing the strength streak. Which Nokia was well know for. Have not seen the video? Check it here.

While if we consider some well know forums. Story seems to be completely different. People are facing broken display issues even if phone is dropped from very minimum heights. The case remains same either you go with Nokia 6, Nokia 5 or Nokia 3 or any other smartphone.

Surely there displays are week like paper. If you are reading this most probably your screen would be broken as well. So lets break down the issue to let you know how much it will cost you get it repaired.

Nokia Broken Display Problem

  • Turn on your smartphone press every key tapping on broken screen, if all is working, Only display glass is broken
  • In case any of the areas on screen is not working, we got some real bad news for you. The whole touch panel would be replaced.

Cost For Replacing

If you will get it replaced it from your local vendors surely they will cost you double. Still you may check for the price. Else I would recommend you to go to online vendors like Ali Express.

Touch Panel Not Working

You can get the whole touch panel for around 25-30$. You can buy one for Nokia 6 from here.

Front Glass Broken

If you need a broken glass repair only it would cost you around 5$. You can buy one for Nokia 3 here.

After purchasing your required products you can try to replace them your self or can pay your local repair shop only replacement price to get it replaced.

Hopefully it will help you solve Nokia broken display or touch panel not working issue at low costs than market.


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