Clock Work Mod Recovery

It is one of the most famous custom recoveries along with TWRP. These recoveries provide a lot more features over the stock recovery that comes with the device. It’s needed to make further modifications to your smartphone such as installing custom ROM’s or Kernel. In this article, we will guide you how to install CWM Recovery on Infinix Note 5.

Pros and Cons of installing CWM Recovery on Infinix Note 5

  1. Allows rooting the phone.
  2. Custom ROM installation on the phone.
  3. Creating backups of the data and restore it at your choice.

  1. The device warranty voids.
  2. Risk of bricking your device if something goes wrong in the procedure.
  3. An end to the Over The Air (OTA) updates from Manufacturer.

Procedure of Installation of CWM Recovery


  1. It’s important to have the device fully charged as the process can take some time and you don’t want to run out of juice right when you need it.
  2. Make sure to back up all important data.
  3. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to the device
  4. Do make sure that the bootloader is unlocked on your Infinix Note 5. If not then follow this link to Unlock Bootloader.
  • Download Rom Manager app from Play store.
  • Use the application to take backup of the current ROM. Name the backup you created.
  • After taking the backup, click on “Flash Clock Work Mod Recovery”. Chose the appropriate model number and continue.
  • After downloading, it will ask you to install it.
  • The installation procedure requires the phone to reboot.
  • Now after it’s done with the installation, your Infinix Note 5 has CWM custom recovery on it.
  • And to boot into recovery mode, use the ROM manager application you installed and select “Reboot into Recovery” option.

Click on this link to read about how to root your Infinix Note 5 device.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and made the procedure to install CWM Recovery on Infinix Note 5 device easily.


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