This article will take you through the procedure on how to install Custom ROM on Mi Mix 3 device. Also, in this article, we mentioned the risks and benefits of installing custom on your Mi Mix 3 device.

Custom ROM?

A custom ROM means a firmware for the Android platform made by developers to provide extra functionality. Some benefits of installing custom ROMs are:

  1. Customizable user interface
  2. Added functionality over stock ROM
  3. Ability to upgrade to the latest versions of Android
  4. And increased performance

Now, let’s look at some disadvantages of installing custom ROM:

  1. Mostly, if you install a custom ROM on your device, it will void warranty.
  2. Risk of damaging your phone if the procedure is not followed properly.

How to Install Custom ROM on Mi Mix 3


  • Have the phone fully charged.
  • Do make sure to unlock the bootloader on your the device. Unlock Bootloader.
  • Also, the device should have a custom recovery installed on it. Check these articles to install CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery.
  • And the device needs to have Root access for it to proceed.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss.

Now that your device is ready to install Custom ROM, follow the steps below:

  1. Look at different options available for your device and download the custom ROM that you like. Transfer the zip file to your device storage
  2. Now boot the device into custom recovery. Press volume down and power button to boot into custom recovery.
  3. Backup the firmware before installing custom ROM so in case anything happens, you can revert back to it.
  4. Perform factory data reset by wiping user data and cache.
  5. After its done, flash the custom ROM by choosing the zip file. You will need to select the install option to do so. Now install custom ROM file on the device.
  6. When its completed, Reboot your device and it should have the custom ROM installed and running on it.

Hopefully, this article would have helped you to Install Custom ROM on Mi Mix 3.


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