Voice Assistants have bought a remarkable change in our daily interactions with smartphones. As the majority of smartphones are Android. So Google powers them with their voice Assistant. Google has been constantly working with this feature and updating it to make better and better. This for sure is one of the powerful features an Android provides to its users. Where technology is easing our lives on the other hand privacy concern is one of the most discussed topics in the last decade. So in this article, we will talk about How Google’s Voice Assistant works and how you can Block Google from listening to you.

What Features Google’s Voice Assistants Provides?

It makes the use of phone a lot easier as you can control your phone just by your voice. You can make a call, text someone or Open an App and perform some actions using your voice. You can set an alarm or set a reminder just with your voice. So altogether it provides some handy features and makes usage of phones a lot easier on the go.

How Google’s Voice Assistant Works?

By default Google’s Voice Assistant is turned off on all smartphones.

  • Tap and Hold your home button and your assistant will appear
  • It would require you to give permissions
  • Also, it asks a user to speak OK Google several times so it gets trained with your voice and operates only after recognizing your voice

Once you have configured your Google’s Assistant it will become active the moment you turn on your screen. Does not matters its locked or unlocked. You just turn on the screen and Google’s Assistant will start listening to you.

Is Google is Always Listening to us?

We have seen a lot of stuff on the internet related to this topic. Everyone has a different opinion in this regard. Some say it does while others argue that it only does with users permission. So we asked Google’s Assistant that is it listening to us all the time? Here is how Google’s Assistant responded.

Google Assistant

Answer from Google’s Voice Assistant pretty much reflects the statement of officials as well. So it makes clear to us that all the time it keeps listening but it only responds when you say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”.

Although one thing is for sure that it constantly listens to you. Google also records your activity while you are communicating with voice assistant. You can access your recorded audios by visiting your Google Activity Tab. You can decide whether you want to keep this audion or delete them.

Since its clear that Google listens to you all the time and records when you interact. So it makes people curious about it. As people have concerns that Google is recording their activities without letting them know. Which makes people turn off Google’s Voice Assistant. So below we will show how you can block Google from listening to you every possible way.

How to Block Google From Listening to You

  • Search for the App Named as Google in your Apps as shown below, tap on the App to open it
  • Once you have opened the App you will a button with three bars on the bottom right as shown below tap on it
  • Tap on Settings

  • In the settings menu scroll down till you find the Voice Option tap on it

  • Now Simply turn off All the settings to Block Google from listening to you

You are Almost Done

Restrict Google from Using Microphone

  • Go to Your Phone Settings-> Tap on All Apps -> Scroll down tothe Google App

  • Tap on Permissions

  • Disallow the usage of Microphone, you can also restrict the App from using other things as per your requirements



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