Without any doubt smartphones are the most sold tech devices around the world. This is making the competition even tougher for brands. So, consider you are about to buy a new smartphone. One of the prominent features you would be looking for would be it’s OS and will it get future updates? So if you have an Honor 8 or were thinking to buy one. There is a bad new for you Honor 8 not receiving Oreo Update.

Honor 8 not receiving Oreo Update

Last month the CEO of Honor said that they would be soon updating Honor 8 to Oreo. The news was warmly welcomed by the users. Though it now seems like only a dream which will never come true. As Honor India has confirmed that due hardware restriction they would not be giving out Oreo Update for Honor 8. So it’s confirmed that Honor 8 not receiving Oreo Update.

This surely is a big upset for their users. As the company has failed to keep the words of their CEO. Just after a month. In case you are one of the Honor 8 user or were about to buy one. Do share your opinion about this news in the section below. Does such decisions from brands impact your trust on a brand?

The news was originally published on PhoneArena.



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