How to get rid of Nokia 8 Microphone Problem


Nokia 8 is a flagship from Nokia for the year 2017. Considering the price and features it surely is an awesome device. It has attracted many of Nokia’s customers back. Along with its great features, it has been facing criticism due to some of the occurring issues. One of the most common is Nokia 8 Microphone Problem.

So in this article, we would try to help you find the appropriate solution for Nokia 8 Microphone distortion issue. As many users are facing the issue that when they are talking to someone in a phone call. Nokia 8’s microphone starts creating noise and listener is unable to hear anything but the noise. With that being said let’s get started.

Nokia 8 Microphone Problem

  • Update Your Smartphone

Go to the settings sections and search for any updates there is a possibility that your phone has not been updated. As Nokia has released several updates which surely has helped people get rid of this issue.

  • Factory Reset Your Phone

This might be a little difficult for you as you will have to set your phone right from the beginning. As it will shift your phone to factory form. Make sure you make a backup before you reset your phone. This too can be done in the setting menu in Restore option. If this works for you avoid updating your phone unless you receive a new stable update.

  • Claim Your Warranty

All Nokia 8 smartphones right now are in the warranty phase so go claim your warranty if none of the above solutions has worked for you. As for sure it is a hardware issue that could only be resolved by replacing the Nokia 8 Microphone.

* The problem has been there for several months and there has been no response from Nokia. Although some updates have been released. So mentioned solutions may or may not help you. As they are based other users feedback and personal experiences.

Nokia 8 Microphone Problem
Article Name
Nokia 8 Microphone Problem
Find the step by step guide to debugging Nokia 8 most disturbing Nokia 8 Microphone Noise issue with all steps and detail guide


  1. Thanks! I want to record for youtube the highest quality recording, could you please suggest the best mic(s) to attach to the Nokia 8, money is no object as i want the very best audio for voice recordings indoors. Thanks!

  2. I also experienced the microphone problem with my Nokia-8: for most incoming calls the microphone was switched off after 1-2 seconds and I heard the caller asking “Hello? Hello ???”.

    Then I installed the app “Call Recorder” to demonstrate this issue to the trader.
    It records each phone call, but this is not legal in most European countries.
    Strange enough, with this app the problem does not longer occur (in my case).


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