How to get a Free iPhone X

iPhone X has been making waves on the market soon it was launched. The phone has been facing criticism as well as appreciation. Though who cares about cons of a phone when you are getting it for free and it’s not only a phone it’s iPhone. Here we will tell you how you can enter a giveaway contest to win a Free iPhone X.

Enter Giveaway to Get Free iPhone X

A very well know tech website TheNextWeb has started a free iPhone giveaway contest. The contest will continue for 30 days from today. Every participant would be given a link. Sharing the link will help a participant score points. Higher the points are more are the chances to win.

  • To enter contest click here
  • Login to the website or you can do a free signup as well
  • Click on enter contest button to be a part of contest
  • After you have entered contest you will get a shareable link
  • Sharing the link will help you gain points
  • More points higher are the chances to win

So, that’s all from this article try your luck you might be the next Free iPhone X winner.



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