Galaxy S8 is a high-end flagship device from Samsung. Which undoubtedly brings a lot of great features and has a great camera quality as well. Though according to some users they are facing some issues with Camera App. One of the issues is camera App Stopped Working.

So here we are going to list down some methods that can help you get rid of the issue.

How to solve Galaxy S8+ Camera App Stopped Working Issue

The first thing that you need to do is to install a third Party Camera App. If using this App causes no issue with your camera, you are good to go with the steps below. If the camera is not working you might be facing hardware issues for that we recommend you to visit your nearest Samsung repair centre.

Clear App Cache

At the time the App cache is the main culprit so we can never rule this out. Go to your phone settings and find All Apps. In the list of apps, you will find your phones camera App as well. Tap on it and clear all data. It will only reset your App to its first setting and will not delete any of images.

Uninstall Updates

If you had got any camera update then chances are there the update is causing the issue. So uninstalling all updates may solve your issue. For this again you will have to go to settings in All Apps find your camera App and tap on it. You will get an option to uninstall updates in case your App has been updated.

Reset Your Phone

In case above 2 solutions have failed to help you resolve camera app stopped working issue in your galaxy s8+ then you can try a factory reset. This will rewind your phone to the state it came in your hands out of the box. So you would be required to backup your data. Before you do a factory reset.

You can factory reset your smartphone using option available in settings menu.

Hopefully, above solutions would have helped you solve Camera App Stopped Working issue in your samsung galaxy. If you have any queries feel free to ask below.



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