How many times you had turned on silent mode on your smartphone and then forgot where you had placed your phone? It is quite a normal thing in daily life. So in this article, we will tell you how to Find your Lost Nokia 8.

As Nokia 8 is a high-end device Android Powered device. It allows you to use Google’s services on your phone.

But there is a catch you can not do anything to protect your device or to find it. In case it is not connected to an internet connection. If you have your phone connected to an internet connection. Also, a google account is connected to your phone you can control your phone in 3 ways.

Find your Lost Nokia 8

If you want to find your lost Nokia 8 or any other phone. Just click here to begin.

Ring your Phone

You can ring your phone consecutively for 5 minutes. Does not matters either you have put your phone in silent mode or not. This can help you find the phone if you just forgot it after placing somewhere.

Lock Your Phone

You can lock your phone so no one can have access to your data. You can display a message on your lock screen as well for someone who finds the phone to contact you.

Erase your Data

This allows you to delete all your data in your Nokia 8 or any other smartphone. It also marks your phone as an unusable device. It can only be used if you find it and enter the restored email you have set for.



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