Nokia 6 2018 heating issue while charging

Nokia 6 2018

The Nokia 6 2018 smartphone comes with some pretty impressive features out of the box. One such feature is the ability to charge the phone up to 50% in 30 mins. This has caused some issues with users as it leads to the device heating up due to fast charging.

This is quite normal these days for phones to heat up during fast charge. But just in case, try the steps below to make sure it’s not any hardware fault.

Charge phone when its turned off if screen having issues

If your device screen is being unresponsive during charging or laggy, turn the device off and then charge the device. If phone heats up still or after charging the screen is still having issues, contact customer support for assistance in this matter.

Hopefully, this will help solve the worry for most users with the Nokia 6 2018 heating issue or identify any hardware malfunction in your device in time.



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