The leader of social media platforms has brought a new feature for their users. As Facebook is now allowing you to do some magic with your status. Now you can change the background colour of your status. So now with this feature, you can make your status even more attractive.

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Colored Background For Facebook Status

Seems pretty cool though after using this feature it looks like that you have uploaded a pic and not your status. On the other hand, it has got some great combinations of colours. There were seven colours when the feature was introduced. Now more colours have been introduced and in total there are 15 colours. Though a great thing is that each of these colours is a shade that is formed by the combination of many colours. That makes your status cool giving your status a great shiny effect. The old style of status update is still available so its not necessary to choose a colour for your status. So if you want to use these cool colours in your next status follow the simple guide given below.

How To get Colored Background For Your Facebook Post

To use this feature simply go to your NewsFeed on Facebook. Once you are on the NewsFeed now start creating your post by typing whatever you want to be published as your status. Now as you can see in the pic above a background colour option is available right on the post button. Click on it and now you would be able to see all 15 colours. Choose the one you want to use and post your status with swag.

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React to Facebook Comments

Recently Facebook has also launched another feature that lets you react to Facebook comments. Previously only a person can like a comment now reactions similar to normal Like button have also been introduced. To use these comment reactions all you need to do is to scroll your mouse pointer over a comment like a button. Once your mouse pointer is in the comment like button reactions would pop up and you can react to a comment using these reactions.

Facebook has also launched these reactions for messages and you can react to Facebook messages as well. Though it does not generates any notification.

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